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Marina di Camerota

Marina di Camerota

Found on the south side of Cilento between Palinuro and Sapri, Marina di Camerota is placed on a promontory between the points of the ‘Torre dell’Isola’ and the ‘Torre Zancale’ (two towers). The village centre guards and dominates the port and the beaches where you can find those passionate about windsurfing. Along the coast there are creeks and numerous caves, with a great anthropological interest. In the ‘Grotta della Cala’, close to the inhabited areas, traces have been found of the presence of prehistoric Man, Neaderthal Man tens of thousands of years ago such as ‘Homo Camaerotensis’. The ‘Grotta degli Innamorati’ (the cave of the lovers) and the ‘Grotta di Porto Infreschi’ are other possible sights which are a must for visitors, and can be reached by sea.

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Villaggio Macinelle

he “Macinelle Villaggio Residence is located in Marina di Camerota, in the National Park of Cilento.

Loc. Calanca, 84059 Marina di Camerota