Pisciotta: a millennia of history and tradition



Panoramic squares and the enchanting presence of cats: Pisciotta, the sixth cat village in Italy.

  • Panoramica di Pisciotta con sullo sfondo il mare
  • La piazza all'ingresso del borgo di Pisciotta
  • In fondo a via Roma verso la Chiesa Madre di Pisciotta
  • Piazza Michelangelo Pagano a Pisciotta
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  • Piazzetta del Cannone a Pisciotta

Amidst cobbled streets and stone houses: the evocative atmosphere of Pisciotta.

Pisciotta is a charming village located along the coast of the province of Salerno, in the Cilento region. Its cobbled streets, stone houses, and winding alleyways create a suggestive atmosphere that transports visitors back in time. The Palazzo Marchesale Pappacoda, with its majestic presence, dominates the center of the village, representing a symbol of nobility and history. The small traditional houses, with their stone facades, add a touch of authenticity to the urban landscape. The parish church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul is an architectural gem, with its interior rich in works of art and precious details. The chapels of San Michele and the Madonna della Mercede are testimonies of religious devotion and add further elements of charm to the historic center. The squares of the village, including the picturesque Piazzetta del Cannone, offer wonderful panoramic views of the roofs of the houses, the olive trees, and the sea below. Pisciotta has been recognized as the sixth "Cat Village of Italy". This title pays homage to the affectionate and unmistakable presence of the cats that populate its streets and squares. Here, among the ancient stone walls and the centuries-old olive trees, you will find a community of cats that makes the village even more charming. Pisciotta is renowned for its millenary tradition in the production of extra virgin olive oil. It is one of the local delicacies to taste and appreciate during your visit to the village. Not to be missed is the road called "La Chiusa", which leads to Marina di Pisciotta, a renowned seaside resort. Here you can still witness the ancient technique of fishing for anchovies with the "menaica", which has been elected as a Slow Food Presidium. The Fish Festival, which takes place at the end of June, celebrates this millenary tradition. It is possible to stay in accommodation in Pisciotta to visit and spend holidays in the village and to visit the main places of the Cilento. There are a variety of accommodation options available, including hotels, apartments, and bed and breakfasts. Many of these accommodations offer stunning views of the village and the surrounding countryside.

Pisciotta: a millennia of history and tradition: useful information

Pisciotta is located between the towns of Ascea and Centola Palinuro. It is a charming place that combines a unique blend of history, nature, and tradition. With a population of about 2,600 inhabitants, the municipality extends over several areas, including the picturesque coastal hamlets of Marina di Pisciotta and Caprioli. When planning your trip to Pisciotta, be sure to include some time to visit the following places: The Palazzo Marchesale Pappacoda; The parish church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul; The chapels of San Michele and the Madonna della Mercede; The Piazzetta del Cannone; Marina di Pisciotta ; The road called "La Chiusa". Pisciotta is a wonderful place to visit for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. With its charming atmosphere, stunning views, and delicious food, it is sure to leave a lasting impression. Pisciotta is also a perfect starting point to explore the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park. Hikers and trekkers will be delighted to discover the Sentiero del Castelluccio, a path that crosses the territories of Rodio, Pisciotta, and Caprioli. This trail offers an immersive experience in nature, with breathtaking views of the Cilento coast and the surrounding majestic mountains. During your visit to Pisciotta, it is worth taking a detour to visit the Sanctuary of Sant'Agnello Abate, located in Rodio, a hamlet of the municipality of Pisciotta. This ancient and important church has a millenary history that dates back to over 500 years ago. In 2009 it was recognized as a sanctuary, testifying to its spiritual and cultural importance for the local community. Visiting the sanctuary offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and spirituality of the area.

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Geographic location

To reach Pisciotta, you can take a flight to one of the airports in Rome (Fiumicino or Ciampino) or Naples Capodichino. Once you land, you can take a train to Roma Termini or Napoli Centrale station. From there, you can take a train to Pisciotta-Palinuro. The train journey can take approximately 2 hours from Naples and 3.45 hours from Rome. You can consult train timetables on Trenitalia to plan your trip. Alternatively, you can reach Pisciotta by car. If you are traveling from the north, you can take the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway and exit at Buonabitacolo. From there, continue on the SS 517 and, subsequently, turn right at Policastro Bussentino to take the SS 18 in the direction of Poderia. Continue on SR 562 which runs alongside the Mingardo river in the direction of Palinuro, until you reach the Palinuro roundabout. Take the exit on the right in the direction of Pisciotta and after about 5 km follow the signs for Pisciotta Marina. If you are traveling from the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria, you can exit at Battipaglia and continue on the SS 18 in the direction of Agropoli/Vallo della Lucania. From there, continue on the SS 18 to Poderia. Next, follow the SR 562 in the direction of Palinuro until the Palinuro roundabout, where you take the exit on the right in the direction of Pisciotta. After about 5 km, follow the signs for Pisciotta Marina. Remember to consult the maps and plan your route based on where you come from and your travel preferences.

Distance from Naples: 156 km, about 2 hour 30 minutes by car
Distance from Salerno: 103 km, about 1 hour 45 minutes by car
Railway station: Pisciotta, 4 km

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