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Cilento Destinations

Destinations in Cilento

A sight of Acciaroli


Village by the sea on the coast of Cilento with a fishing history, Acciaroli is a nice location for sightseers. It is awarded annually the ‘Blue Flag’ from FEE, the international...

A sight of Agropoli


An ancient and legendary maritime village, a bathing centre rich with sights for visitors and holidaymakers alike, Agropoli, with its 20.000 inhabitants, gushes from the...

A sight of Ascea


A small town neighbouring the archaeological area of Elea-Velia, situated on a hill south of the river Alento giving a fantastic view of the Cilento Coast. According to some...

A sight of Marina di Camerota

Marina di Camerota

Found on the south side of Cilento between Palinuro and Sapri, Marina di Camerota is placed on a promontory between the points of the ‘Torre dell’Isola’ and the ‘Torre Zancale’...

A sight of Marina di Casal Velino

Marina di Casal Velino

In the heart of the National Park of Cilento, close to the archaeological area of Velia-Elea, surrounded by typical hill paths rich in luxurious Mediterranean...

A sight of Palinuro


A celebrated bathing area situated in the green of the olive trees within a picturesque inlet with a promontory rich in marine caves, Palinuro takes its name, according to legend, after...

A sight of Pioppi


With its marine and the Museo del Mare (Sea Museum) that divide the space of the seventeenth century ‘Palazzo Vinciprova’, which today is owned by...

A sight of Santa Maria di Castellabate

Santa Maria di Castellabate

A fishing and bathing centre situated in the sweet inlet between the ‘Punta Tresino’ (Tresino Point) and the ‘Punta Licosa’ (Licosa Point)...