The Apprezzami L'Asino trail in Sapri



A 10-kilometer route starting from the port of Sapri and arriving at the Torre Di Mezzanotte on the border with Basilicata.

  • Il secondo tratto del sentiero Apprezzami L'Asino con vedute panoramiche sul mare
  • Veduta panoramica della costa di Sapri
  • Una lunga passeggiata nel verde della macchia mediterranea di Sapri
  • Le rocce a picco sul mare a Sapri
  • Veduta della costa di Sapri e del Golfo di Policastro
  • La splendida vista del Canale di Mezzanotte tra Sapri e la Costa di Maratea
  • Il primo tratto del sentiero Apprezzami L'Asino subito dopo il porto di Sapri

Walking along the borders: The route between Sapri and the Torre Di Mezzanotte between Mediterranean scrub and views of the Gulf of Policastro.

A 10-kilometer round-trip route suitable for all, starting from the port of Sapri and arriving at the Torre Di Mezzanotte on the border with Basilicata. You will find yourself immersed in the green of the Mediterranean scrub with some glimpses of the sea and ancient coastal watchtowers. Along the first section, you can see the Scoglio Scialandro with the Spigolatrice di Sapri. There are also several fountains with drinking water. The second section is narrower with some detours to the sea that in some cases are quite challenging and not suitable for everyone. In particular, the descent to the Well and the Grotta di Cartolano.

The views are breathtaking in any case: for long stretches you can admire the Gulf of Policastro and in the vicinity of the Canale di Mezzanotte, the border point between Sapri and Acquafredda, the coast of Maratea. In the past, the trail was called “Apprezzam’ u ciucc'" and it was the only way to connect with the nearby Maratea, especially for commercial exchanges. Goods were transported by donkeys along the trail, which was sometimes very narrow, and this posed a difficulty especially when two animals met that could not pass each other. A local legend tells that the animals and their loads were evaluated. In exchange for half the value of the least valuable donkey, the latter, unfortunately, was made to fall into the sea.

The Apprezzami L'Asino trail in Sapri: useful information

The trail is fairly easy to walk. It takes about 2 hours to walk from the port of Sapri to the Canale di Mezzanotte. The first section is a long walk along a fairly wide path with panoramic views. In the second part, the trail narrows and the detours to the sea can be quite challenging. To be able to do even the last section, it is advisable to wear hiking boots, bottles of water, and appropriate clothing.

Tourist information point:

Geographic location

Sapri can be reached by taking the A3 highway (Autostrada del Mediterraneo), exit Padula - Buonabitacolo for those coming from the north, exit Lagonegro Nord/ Maratea for those coming from the south. Then follow the signs for Sapri. Once you arrive, you can park your car at the port and start the walk.

Distance from Salerno: 152 km, approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes by car
Railway station: Sapri, 2 km

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