The Calore Gorges in the Felitto Oasis



Trekking and Canyoning in the Calore Gorges

  • L'Oasi delle Gole del Calore in località Remolino di Felitto
  • Lungo le rive del Fiume Calore una folta vegetazione si estende formando un vero e proprio abbraccio naturale
  • Una piccola cascata all'ingresso dell'Oasi Remolino a Felitto
  • Lungo le Gole del Calore
  • Giro in pedalò sul Fiume Calore in estate
  • Una forra del fiume Calore
  • Il sentiero che costeggia il fiume Calore
  • Giro in canoa lungo le calme acque del fiume Calore

Nature and adventure in Felitto: discovering the Marmitte dei Giganti

Felitto, a small village in the heart of the Cilento, is home to the Oasis of the Calore Gorges in the locality of Remolino. This green area is open to the public and offers a chance to visit one of the most fascinating places in the Cilento National Park. Here, the Calore River, after flowing through clayey soils and carbonate rocks, widens into a basin created by an old weir. In the summer, visitors can take a pedal boat or canoe tour of the gorges and admire the so-called "Giant's Pots" deep grooves that the water has carved into the rock walls. The flora of the gorges is also extraordinary, with numerous species of ferns that thrive in the humid environment. For those who prefer hiking, there are trails that run along the river, one of which leads to the medieval bridge of Magliano. The entire area is a popular destination for sportsmen, hikers, and bird watchers. For those who want to enjoy a picnic in the great outdoors, the area has a well-equipped area with gazebos, benches, braziers, and toilets. Just a short drive away, visitors can also explore the village of Felitto and sample the local cuisine, including the famous fusilli pasta.

The Calore Gorges in the Felitto Oasis: useful information

The Oasis of the Calore Gorges is located in the locality of Remolino, 5 minutes by car from the village of Felitto. You can reach the area by car or by taking a hiking trail that starts from Felitto. Along the hiking trail, it is advisable to have the right equipment and to bring water with you. The first part of the trail is simple and evocative, with a bridge that crosses the gorges. After the gorges, there is the possibility to continue the trail, which presents more challenging and rocky sections. It is important to be careful along the trail and to assess your physical abilities. At the end of the trail, you can take a dip in the fresh waters of the Calore River. There are several flat areas where you can relax and swim. There are tables, toilets, and children's games available. The highlight is definitely the opportunity to rent a pedal boat and navigate along the river, an experience that lasts about 25 minutes. The area is very crowded in August. A visit during the week in June or July is definitely advisable. You can request information and advice from the local tourist board in Felitto.

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Geographic location

The town of Felitto is located about 80 kilometers from Salerno. It can be reached by driving on the A3 highway to the Battipaglia exit, then taking the S.S. 18 to Capaccio Scalo. From there, take the S.S. 166 degli Alburni (to km 22) and the S.S. 488. The nearest train station is Capaccio-Paestum. Felitto is also accessible by bus from Salerno and Capaccio.

Distance from Salerno: 83 km, approximately 1 hour and 32 minutes by car
Railway station: Capaccio-Paestum, 39 km

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