A day hike to a crystal-clear beach: Grotta dell'Acqua



A scenic hike along the Masseta trail, passing by the Punta Spinosa tower and the Molara cove.

  • La Grotta dell'Acqua immersa nella vegetazione con discesa alla spiaggia sottostante
  • La spiaggia del Porticello a strapiombo sulla scogliera Veddonica
  • Una passeggiata panoramica lungo il sentiero della Masseta
  • Il centro di Scario
  • La splendida spiaggia della Molara fatta di ghiaia, sabbia e rocce
  • Alcuni scorci panoramici nel verde della macchia mediterranea della Costa della Masseta
  • La spiaggia sotto la Grotta dell'Acqua a Scario
  • Le acque cristalline della spiaggia della Molara a Scario

Discovering the Grotta dell'Acqua: a panoramic hike in the heart of the Infreschi and Masseta Coast Marine Protected Area

The path to the Water Cave (Grotta dell'Acqua) is partly located in the Infreschi and Masseta Coast marine protected area, which extends from the Punta Spinosa tower in Scario to the Zancale tower in Marina di Camerota. The entire stretch is quite easy to walk, but you should wear hiking boots, bring water, and wear appropriate clothing. You can choose to start from the center of Scario and take a small road uphill near the lighthouse (via Gloria Bortolotti de Poli) or drive the first paved section of about 850 meters and then take a dirt trail. From this point, a flat and panoramic stretch begins in the green Mediterranean scrubland with a first view of the Porticello beach overlooking the Veddonica cliff. You then reach Punta Spinosa where signs indicate the way to the "Grotta dell'Acqua". A short distance later, another sign indicates the descent to the Molara beach. It is about five minutes of descent with slightly challenging steps. But the effort you make on the way back, uphill, is rewarded by the splendid beach made of gravel, sand, and rocks under which you can shelter from the heat in the summer. Continuing along the path to the cave, you will encounter a "carcara" (lime kiln) dug into the ground. The walk then continues downhill until you reach, just above the coastline, the entrance to the natural cavity of the Grotta dell'Acqua. Continuing down for another 5 minutes, you will reach a small beach that seems to be reachable only by land. A charming place with crystal-clear sea where it is worth taking a swim and staying even just to admire the beauty of the place.

A day hike to a crystal-clear beach: Grotta dell'Acqua: useful information

The length of the path from Scario's port to the Grotta dell'Acqua (round trip) is about 8 kilometers. The trail is quite manageable and can be walked in approximately 2 hours. It is advisable to wear hiking shoes, bring water bottles, and wear appropriate clothing (swimsuit in spring/summer). Duration: the hike takes about 2 hours round trip, with an elevation gain of about 80 meters. Difficulty: the hike is classified as easy, but it's important to wear hiking shoes and carry water and snacks. Departure Information: The hike starts from the center of Scario, in Campania. Route Information: the path begins with a moderate ascent through the Mediterranean scrub. After about 20 minutes, you reach Punta Spinosa, where a Saracen watchtower is located. From there, the path descends to the Grotta dell'Acqua. Grotta dell'Acqua Information: the Grotta dell'Acqua is a small cave located just a few meters from the coast. Some tips to make the hike more enjoyable: start early in the morning to avoid the heat, bring enough water and snacks for the day, wear comfortable hiking shoes suitable for the terrain, and wear a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

Municipality: www.comune.sangiovanniapiro.sa.it
Tourist information point: www.prolocoscario709350381.wordpress.com/

Geographic location

Scario is accessible by taking the A3 motorway (Autostrada del Mediterraneo), exit Padula - Buonabitacolo for those coming from the north, exit Lagonegro Nord/ Maratea for those coming from the south. Then follow the signs for Scario. Once there, you can park your car near the port and start the walk from the center of the town.

Distance from Salerno: 143 km, approximately 1 hour and 38 minutes by car
Railway station: Policastro Bussentino, 5.8 km

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