Seaside village in the Gulf of Policastro with a lovely seafront near the tourist port.

  • Una foto del porto di Scario con le case che affacciano sul lungomare
  • Il lungomare di Scario con ristoranti e negozi che affacciano sul porto
  • La spiaggia della Tragara a pochi metri dal centro abitato di Scario
  • Il porto turistico di Scario
  • Una foto del centro di Scario con il porto e la costa di Maratea sullo sfondo
  • La spiaggia della Tragara a Scario circondata da una vegetazione lussureggiante e dalle tipiche rocce della costa cilentana
  • I fondali marini di Scario
  • Una stella marina nei fondali del mare di Scario

Scario: the seaside village at the foot of Mount Bulgheria with a fantastic stretch of coast from San Giovanni a Piro to the Masseta Coast.

Scario, a hamlet of the municipality of San Giovanni a Piro, is located at the foot of Mount Bulgheria and is a charming seaside village overlooking the Gulf of Policastro, to the south of the Cilento National Park. The village has proudly held the Blue Flag of the Fee for several years and is equipped with a tourist harbor from which numerous excursions depart during the summer to the beaches of the Masseta Coast, reaching the pristine and picturesque Bay of Infreschi.

The coastline that stretches from Scario to Punta degli Infreschi, marking the western boundary of the Gulf of Policastro, is a true hidden treasure of nature. This stretch of coastline is characterized by wild beauty, with majestic cliffs rising towards the sky and secret coves inviting exploration. A coastline dotted with caves, watchtowers, pebble beaches, and sheer cliffs that are worth visiting by boat. The most famous beaches in Scario are four: "I Gabbiani," "Risima," "Sciabica," and "I Francesi."

Those who love trekking will find a wide range of exciting walks along this fascinating coast. The trails wind through the wild nature, offering hikers breathtaking views and the opportunity to explore fascinating places along the way. Among the attractions along the route, you can visit the impressive "Torre Spinosa", an ancient watchtower that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding coast. This historical monument stands majestically, a witness to the past and a landmark for hikers wishing to explore the area. Another interesting stop along the route is the "Grotta dell'Acqua", a fascinating natural cave that opens onto the coast. The mysterious and suggestive atmosphere of the cave enchants visitors, who can admire its unique shapes and be captivated by the beauty of the interplay of lights and shadows reflected on the stone walls.

Scario: what to do and what to see

Cilento is one of the most evocative and authentic areas of southern Italy, which offers a unique combination of sea, mountains, nature and culture. Scario is two of the most beautiful and characteristic places in the area, where it is possible to enjoy breathtaking views, discover ancient villages and venture into fascinating nature trails. The Scario area offers a wide range of hiking trails suitable for all levels of experience and difficulty. Among the most popular routes are the Masseta path, which offers breathtaking views of the coast and allows you to visit interesting stops such as the Ciolandrea plateau and the Marcellino beach. For trekking enthusiasts, Monte Bulgheria offers many possibilities for challenging and scenic excursions. Ultimately, anyone who loves nature and adventure will find many opportunities in this area to discover the beauty of the Cilento area.


How to reach Scario

Scario is located in the province of Salerno, in Cilento, and can be reached both by car and by train. By car, you can take the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway and exit at the Padula-Buonabitacolo toll booth, then continuing on the SS 517 towards Sapri and finally following the signs for Scario. By train, you can reach the Sapri train station which is located on the Naples-Reggio Calabria railway line and then take a bus to Scario, or take a taxi or rent a car. The closest airport to Scario is Naples Capodichino Airport (NAP), which is approximately 137 kilometers away. From Naples Capodichino, you can take a taxi, bus or rental car to reach Scario. It is best to rent a car when you arrive in Naples, especially in the low season. This is because there are not many public transportation options available to visit the Cilento areas and get around easily.

Distance from the sea: on the sea
Distance from Salerno: 142 km, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes by car
Railway station: Policastro Bussentino, 4.5 km

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