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Cilento is a geographical area in Southern Italy with a typical orographic structure and a coastline who represented the unique access to the region in last centuries. The National Park covers most part of its extension, a reserve of mediterranean scrublands and marine and coastal habitats.

Paestum and Velia are archaeological sites in Cilento where the visitors discover the ancient ruins of Greek colonies and the huge temples of Poseidon and Hera not so far from Pompeii and Herculaneum. A tour has also to lead to the Angel Caves of Pertosa, natural caves formed during thousands of years by natural processes in the hearth of Alburni mountains, and to the Chartreuse of Padula, the monastry of St. Lawrence well known as the biggest in Southern Italy.

Lovers of relaxing and charming beaches will find places to enjoy the sun and nice spots for windsurf and kite from Punta Licosa to Marina di Camerota, almost the north and the south on Cilento coast. Palinuro is the meeting point for divers due to the concentration of underwater caves in the cape coast and the abundant marine life.

People who live in Cilento are very friendly and welcoming, they produce olive oil, buffalo mozzarella cheese and a variety of recipes in regional cuisine. We suggest you to taste delicacies like fusilli pasta, anchovies in lemon, "soppressata" sausage, cheese-filled slices of eggplant and the sweets sun-dried Cilento white figs stuffed with almonds.